Tuesday, December 30, 2014

How To Get API request originator IP address in ESB


Retrieve the IP address of the actual originator of the API request in below mentioned scenario.

In the above deployment scenario, I had a requirement to the get IP address of the client from ESB.


 'X-Forwarded-For' header property is a transport level header property. This property is normally used by Load Balancer to stamp the IP address of the client which is requesting a service from back-end server. 

This property can be used append Client-IP address in the WSO2 API Manager. Later on by accessing this property, relevant Client-IP address can be fetched from ESB side. I included following filter configuration in WSO2 API Manager to append  Client-IP address to  'X-Forwarded-For' header property.

In API manager, each API definitions are stored in separate synapse config files. Therefore you have to add the above mentioned configuration in each and every files. Since this is a cumbersome task, you can use mediation extension. By doing so, the filter configuration will be included in each and every synapse API definitions.

Now from the ESB side, you can obtain the Client-IP address from  'X-Forwarded-For' header property by having following synapse configuration.

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